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The ACS line of products is built on the core belief that good data is the foundation of meaningful reporting. We start by managing our clients’ group health plan data from our Claims Tracking System (CTS), a proprietary benefits database application. The CTS supports our reporting products, the MedMAP and PlanAIM, and we have the ability to customize it to meet your specialized reporting needs.
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Are you looking for support for your next planning cycle? Do you want to see how a past plan design decision impacted your cost structure? Or do you want to see how your medical plans perform relative to a Benchmark? If so, then the ACS Medical Plan Management and Performance Report (MedMAP) will be of interest to you. The MedMAP provides detailed performance statistics for company plans as well as expert commentary and suggestions for your next planning cycle.
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The Plan Accounting Information & Management Report (PlanAIM) provides clients a reliable financial reporting tool for their group health benefits. The PlanAIM can be customized to satisfy the demands of your finance and HR departments as well as any auditor requirements.
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And, finally, if you have other group health reporting needs that require support, then click here to see just a few examples of the ad hoc reporting that our CTS system supports.
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